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Polish Association for the Development of Innovative Medicines POLFEMED

Polish Association for the Development of Innovative Medicines POLFEMED is a non-profit organization dedicated to popularizing knowledge about the importance of clinical trials in the development of new therapies in medicine.

POLFEMED is a member of The European Federation for Exploratory Medicines Development – EUFEMED.

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The aims of the Association

Clinical trials

Development, protection and promotion of interests in the field of the early phase of clinical trials in Poland and Europe.

Ethics and integrity

Development and promotion of initiatives, attitudes and activities conducive to the implementation of the principles of ethics and integrity of clinical trials (Good Clinical Practice - GCP).

Clinical trials management

Undertaking activities, developing and promoting initiatives related to the early phase of clinical trials management.

Atmosphere of trust

Creating an atmosphere of trust and respect for modern medical clinical trials.

Developing contacts

Disseminating, organizing and developing clinical research in cooperation with clinical sites and investigators in Poland.

Forum for discussion

Contributing to the creation of a forum for discussion and exchange of views between entities involved in the field of early phases of clinical trials, provide organizational and material support for individuals and organizational units that undertake such activities.

About Us

Platform for the exchange of scientific information and education

Polfemed's mission is to promote the development and increase the availability of modern therapies for patients in the face of the growing threats of civilization and the related therapeutic needs.

Huge advances in medicine in recent decades, manifested among others in the increasing introduction of biological drugs, took place in the face of a sharp increase in the incidence of civilization diseases such as cancer, metabolic or immune system diseases, what is associated with a dramatic change in the lifestyle of millions of people.

Technological progress and growing resources of knowledge give hope for the development of individually designed therapies which will meet specific needs of each patient.

In order to respond to the challenges of the future, it is necessary to carry out intensive efforts to develop high-quality clinical trials, especially in the early stages.

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